How to Clean Your House After a Wild Party

How to Clean Your House After a Wild Party

Have endless parties or gathering over the holiday and new year celebration? Wondering how to start cleaning the mess? Learn some tips on how to clean your house after a wild party.


1. If you have the energy, try to at least tackle throwing away disposable cups, garbage and stinky food items before going to bed. Also attend to stains before they set. Then go to bed and resume the cleaning in the morning.

2. Keep calm! It’s easier said than done, but while you are behaving like an irritated bulldog, things are not getting any better. Calm your nerves, take a pill for the headache and get ready for action. Turn on some relaxing music and get to work.
Don the gloves. Always wear gloves before cleaning the house after a wild party. You never know what you might be picking up.

Part 1: Cleaning the living room

1. Straighten up the living room first of all. This is likely the most “infected” room.
2. Collect the plastic cups in the nylon bags. Pick up bottles and cans and place them in the recycling bin. If you haven’t already, take all dishes to the kitchen.
3. Vacuum the carpet and rugs. Nuts are rolling on your mother’s expensive white carpet? Don’t even think about the vacuum cleaner. Almonds and peanuts have the annoying habit to cause heavy
blockages to vacuum cleaners. You’ll have to collect them with your bare hands. Look also for coins and other small objects that can be dangerous when sucked up.
4. Check for problem areas, such as carpet burns or stains. If you find stains on anything, these must be treated quickly and properly. Use a stain removal guide, such as wikiHow’s own stain
removal category. Carpet burns are harder to deal with and may require strategic placement of furniture followed by either cutting out that piece of carpet and replacing it with a square of
the same carpet or calling a carpet laying professional.
5. Check your electronics. Double check that everything is still there. You did put away all inessential peripherals before the party, right? Then bring these things back out and reinstall
them as usual.

Part 2: Cleaning the kitchen

1. Tackle the kitchen. Kitchens are often middle “damaged” from the mess after parties. The fact that the kitchen is supposed to handle mess helps, so get ready to dig in and get things back
to their clean state.
2. Work around the kitchen finding disposable items. By getting these items out of the way quickly, things will start to become clearer. Use a large garbage bag to toss everything into, such
as plastics, paper and disposable cutlery.
3. Collect the dirty dishes (many of which are probably in the living room). Store them in the sink in readiness for hand-washing, as required or when you have no dishwasher. Large dishes,
dishes not meant to be in the dishwasher and excess dishes are usually best done by washing in the sink.
– Scrape off all uneaten food into the garbage bag or compost bin. Stack the plates and dishes that have been scraped, in readiness for cleaning.
– Empty all the half-drunk drinks from glasses and cups. Then stack these up waiting for their wash, either in the sink or in the dishwasher.
– Cut the grease before washing certain dishes. If you ate a really greasy pizza last night, the situation is pretty serious. Soak the affected plates into hot water mixed with detergent
in order to soften the litter. Leave them for approximately thirty minutes, then let the cleaning games begin. May the odds be ever in your favor!
4. Pack what can be washed in the dishwasher into it. It is probable that you’ll need several loads, so leave following loads waiting nearby to be transferred in as the clean dishes are transferred out.

Part 3: Cleaning the bathroom

1. Get the bathroom squeaky clean. So, whose idea was purchasing vodka and whiskey? And tequila? And the smell! You’ll have to deal with it somehow.
– If you’re tackling any vomit messes, first of all, buy a new cheap mop and clean the repugnant substance. No cleaning solution is needed in the very beginning. Get rid of the solids
first. Once you succeed, apply some disinfectant. Then use the baby wipes to bring some fresh odour to the place.
– Clean off the urine stains. They’re bound to be around and beyond the toilet bowl as well as on the toilet, so clean further afield.
2. Clean all toilets. No matter what they look like, they need a good clean.
3. Remove all hand towels and any other towels from the bathroom. Any towels left out during a party are fair game for use in all manner of ways, so reassure yourself that they’re hygienic by
giving them a good wash. Replace with clean towels.
4. Top up the liquid soap dispenser if needed. Clean down hand washing basins and the faucets (taps).\

Part 4: Cleaning other areas

1. Check all bedrooms for signs of disturbance. Any bed that looks as if someone has slept on or in it should have the sheets changed and washed.
2. Check garden beds. Collect up all bottles, cans, glasses and any debris. Be especially vigilant for broken glass on pathways, lawns and anywhere else that people might walk.
3. Sweep and/or vacuum the hallway, entrance way and back door entry areas. All of these are likely to have experienced high traffic.

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