Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Cleaning

Our weekly and monthly cleaning prices is based on consultation with the company

Scope of work for cleaners
We provide cleaning services for home and offices.

Scope of works includes mopping, sweeping, wipe ceiling fan, clean windows,wipe grills, wipe furniture/sofa/appliances, clean toilets, car posh,balcony, remove rubbish, common housekeeping etc.

You may choose to do one-time, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to keep your space clean all the time.


We will provide cleaning tools and supplies when required. Ladder and vacuum are to be provided by customer.
Booking is based on first come first serve basic

Any change or cancellation of booking must be informed within 24 hours. Any last minutes cancellation within 12 hours from the booking time is subject to cancellation fee of Rm50.

Please allow variance of 30 minutes from the appointment times which may cause by unforeseen reason such as traffic jam, delay from the earlier cleaning slots etc.